Reinforced liners are currently the most widespread materials on the market. Almost 70% of the swimming pools built in Europe today use this lining solution. The main reasons for this are: easy installation (both in case of geometric-shaped and free-form swimming pools), total watertight protection of the structures guaranteed for 10 years, a range of colors to choose from, to give your swimming pool an incomparable effect. SOPREMA, world leader in the production of waterproof materials, presents the new reinforced-PVC liner for swimming pools Sopraliner.
Sopraliner is obtained by a spread coating production process. This production process is repeated, in line, four times and consists in spreading high quality raw materials (resins, plasticizers, stabilizers and pigments) on a support and treating them in ovens for the gelification process.
Sopraliner is therefore made of four layers of different composition, with the addition, between the second and third layer, perfectly at the center, of an inside armor consisting of a polyester net, with the role of reinforcement and dimensional stabilizer. The output of this process is a product characterized by a molecular bond that creates a single-layer flexible pvc liner, smooth and vividly colored in all its layers.

Thanks to its easy and quick installation, Sopraliner is the best choice for those who want to build their pool rapidly. Both in case of traditional concrete structures and in case of swimming pools with steel walls, the pvc liner Sopraliner adjusts easily to any bearing structure and follows smoothly even the most articulated and complex shapes. This means lower installation cost of the pool and of course a shorter time before your first dive.
The unquestionable advantages of endurance and flexibility, typical of Sopraliner, allow you to focus your choice only on your favorite color. The choice among the different colors of Sopraliner is of great importance, since it determines the final effect of the pool, makes it unique and conveys the water the color you desire: form Caribbean greens obtained with sand-colored liners to the darkest colors that make the landscape and gardens around the pool mirror into the pool water.