Whatever the color, Sopraliner always guarantees 100% waterproof pools: you can forget any problem due to water leaks and damage to the bearing structure that is, unfortunately, their logic consequence. Sopraliner is protected by a Bio-shield treatment that prevents the formation and development of micro-organisms such as fungi, bacteria and spores, thus extending the working life of the lining material.

SOPREMA, world leader in the production of waterproof products, makes use of its expertise in the production of pool liners with the Flagpool trademark to propose the new reinforced PVC liner Sopraliner.

Sopraliner goes out to the market with three main distinctive features that can be summarized as follows:
More flexibility – it enables easy installation also in pools of complex shapes, difficult to build;
More smoothness – a new tactile experience which translates also into a better resistance to dirt;
More color intensity – meaning more vivid colors of the water, defined by the choice of the pool liner color.
Sopraliner, the Soprema PVC liner for the pool market is available in two different types of lining: Sopraliner 150 and Sopraliner 150 +.

Sopraliner 150

Available in a range of seven colors (Pale sky blue, Azure, Pearl gray, Cement gray, Basalt gray, White and Sand) it adjusts perfectly to the shape of the pool and gives the water the desired effect. The production system by coating captures the pigment in the polymer matrix of the material and leaves the color unaltered over time, as guaranteed by the lab tests carried out on the product. In addition, the polyester net inside the liner increases its endurance, which is fundamental to long years of use.

Sopraliner 150+

Its specific lacquering on the surface makes Sopraliner 150+ more resistant to superficial stains, more resistant to the proliferation or microorganisms and bacteria as well as more resistant to UV rays hitting the surface of the liner. In addition to the seven solid-color options (Pale sky blue, Azure, Pearl gray, Cement gray, Basalt gray, White and Sand), the range of colors of Sopraliner 150+ also includes two printed materials (Marbella Mosaic and Pierre de Bali) that reproduce the beauty of stone and mosaic finishes while preserving the easy installation of pvc liners.

Sopraliner Grip

In the building of a swimming pool, the safety of its users must always be considered. This requires a whole range of anti-slip materials. These can be easily joined to the liners present in the rest of the pool, by means of a hot air welder. The anti-slip Sopraliner Grip in nine colors is suitable for stairs and walking areas, to give those surfaces a better grip and ward off any slipping danger for users.


Soprema has always been concerned with ecological aspects related to the manufacture of its products and uses a range of innovative eco-friendly packaging for the range of linings for Sopraliner swimming pools.

The Sopraliner 150 and Sopraliner 150 + pallets have a packaging with “nidopan” pressed cardboard saddles and cardboard corner pieces which can be recycled completely after unloading on site. The packaging protects the rolls of Sopraliner during transport without producing any impact on the environment on completion of the works.